But what about the sound?

But what about the SOUND?
A reexamination of Language for your 2.5 – 5.0 Year Old

            As parents, we all do it. We do it to help our children grow, to help them learn and develop. It’s a main part of our society. Children’s educational television shows are centered around it. We teach our children “1,2,3” and “A,B,C.”


But what if we could do more?


Want to know a well kept, but really juicy, Montessori secret? Sounds matter, too!


My trainer told us something on the first day of Language lectures that I’ve never forgotten: a letter means nothing to a child if they can’t isolate its sound.


Have you ever isolated a sound? We talk so rapidly, it’s hard to hear, but it’s so important for a child in his sensitive period for language, that it must be learned.


If your child is in a Montessori Primary class, he or she is getting it every day, but you can do it at home with them, too!


In Montessori, the first encounter your child has with letters are actually not the name of the letter, but the phonetic sound that the letter makes!


Think about it: What sounds are in the word “CAT” is it “c-a-t” or is it “cuh-ah-tuh”?

Isolate the sounds yourself: it’s “cuh-ah-tuh”


When you start to isolate sounds, you can start to make new games for your child. These can be done anywhere, and with any child I’ve ever taught, they absolutely love this game.


My favorite location is the grocery store. When your child is sitting in the cart (or walking along with you), ask them how many “buh” or “cuh” words they can see on that aisle. You could start by saying,

“I see a BUH-arbie doll.” Or “I see a CUH-arrot and a CUH-abbage.”


Your child will begin to isolate sounds and analyze words. This prepares them for when they are faced with the letter and they come up with their own words.


It even helps lay groundwork for analysis of reading and total reading, processes which thrive during Extended Day and Elementary!


Next time you want to play a new game with your child, try the Sound Game. Children love it, and you will, too!